Shipping, Handling & Installation of Concrete Poles

We ship by road, rail or water.

Concrete poles will withstand a considerable amount of bending but should not be shocked whilst under load. Never lift pole from tip.

  • Poles up to 50' 0" (15m) in length may be unloaded by using a one-point pick-up at the balance point but should never be carried this way. Generally for straight tapered poles this is 1/3 of length from pole butt. A two-point pick-up with at least a 10 ft. (3m) separation must be used to transport poles on site, particularly over rough ground. To erect the pole on site, the pick-up point must be above the point of balance so that the butt is dragged into the final position.
  • Poles over 50' 0" (15m) in length must be unloaded by using a two-point pick-up with a separation of at least 20% of the length of the pole. To erect poles clean (i.e. with no attachments; cross-arm, floodlights, etc.) the top pick-up point must be used (this is normally 1/4 of the distance from the pole tip).

Where heavy hardware is being used erected on the pole, contact manufacturer for location of top pick-up point.

For transportation over long distances, all poles must be supported throughout their length.

When stockpiling for any length of time, poles must be supported so that they do not bend under their own weight.