Standard Specifications

These specifications apply to the manufacture of centrifugally cast prestressed and/or reinforced concrete poles.

Poles shall be designed to meet AASHTO-LTS-4, 2001 loadings for highway and sportslighting poles and to ANSI loadings for distribution poles.

Coarse Aggregate Shall be clean washed limestone or granite with a maximum size of 3/8", so graded as to achieve optimum quality in the finished product and shall conform to ASTM- C33.

Fine Aggregate Shall be clean washed concrete grade pit sand free of clay and other deleterious matter and shall conform to ASTM- C33.

Shall be high early strength, equal to ASTM C-150, Type 1 or Type 3 and CSA Type 10 or Type 30.

Water reducers, retarders or accelerating admixtures shall conform to ASTM - C494.

Shall be free of acids, alkalis and organic materials.

Prestressing steel reinforcement shall conform to ASTM A416 and CSA G279. Deformed reinforcing bars shall conform to ASTM A615, and CSA G30.12. Helical Reinforcing wire shall conform to ASTM A82 and when applicable have a hot dipped galvanized coating as per ASTM A641, Class 3.

Color Pigments
Where used shall be non-fade iron or chromium oxides.

All fasteners must be stainless steel, hot dip galvanized as per ASTM A153 or zinc alloy as per AC41A. All structural steel shall be hot dip galvanized in accordance with ASTM A123 and shall conform to ASTM A36.

Poles shall be prestressed and/or reinforced concrete with dimensions, tapers and cross-sections as shown in the catalog. The concrete used shall achieve a minimum 28 day compressive strength, of 8,000 psi. Poles shall be steam cured to a 3-day strength, and thereafter stored under cover for 72 hours at a minimum temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). In areas subject to frequent freeze/thaw conditions an air entrainment admixture shall be used to produce a 5-8% air content in the mix. The steel cage shall be positioned in the mold by means of plastic spacers to ensure a minimum concrete cover over the longitudinal reinforcing steel of 3/4". Only steel molds shall be used, and concrete shall be compacted by the centrifugal spinning process. Prestressing steel reinforcement shall be stressed to a maximum of 70% of their ultimate capacity, and shall not be released until a minimum compressive strength of 3,500 psi has been achieved.

Quality Control
A production drawing shall be provided for each type of pole manufactured, and a quality control technician shall approve each stage of manufacture before proceeding to the next. A concrete cylinder test shall be performed for each 100 cu. yds. of concrete poured. A final quality control check shall be carried out on each pole after manufacturing is completed. All quality control procedures shall be mandated in a written manual and be available for inspection.

Standard Accessories
All lighting poles shall be provided with a fish wire to facilitate cable installation. A #6 copper ground wire shall be supplied inside the handhole. Handholes shall be box type, of non-metallic, non-conductive injection molded material or a rugged high density cast zinc and shall be supplied with a close fitting inset cover of the same material. Up to 8 holes, cable entrance and U/G wiring aperture shall be provided. All Decor Series poles shall be coated twice with a waterproof breathing membrane of methyl methacrylate.

Optional Accessories

  • Decorative Aluminum fin caps.
  • Silane X75, an invisible protective coating on mold finished poles, for use in high roadside corrosive environments. This is not a silicone but a sophisticated silane base coating.
  • Extra holes, apertures and handholes as well as non-standard sizes.
  • GFI electrical receptacles.
  • Steps, safety cables for sportslighting poles.
  • Banner Arms, ladder rests and flag holders.
  • Base plate mounted poles shall be supplied with one template drawing indicating bolt circle.
  • Base plate covers and nut covers.
  • Lighting rod.

Handling and Erection
Transportation, site handling and erection shall be performed by qualified personnel with equipment and methods that are in accordance with industry practices. Detailed information on above can be found in the General and Technical section of our catalog or by contacting one of our offices.