About Us

We are a family business that operates by the core values of honesty, integrity, compassion and respect to better the lives of our employees, their families, our customers and the communities we represent.  The StressCrete Group services multiple market segments through two divisions.  StressCrete Ltd., established in 1953, is the longest-operating, most experienced manufacturer of spun concrete poles in North America.  With plants in Alabama, Kansas and Ontario, we offer the broadest, most diverse range of spun concrete poles and bollards in the industry; with quality second to none.  King Luminaire Co. Inc. produces a comprehensive assortment of high performance outdoor luminaires, metal poles, pole arms and accessories, plus bollards and site amenities. With an array of state-of-the-art LED Technology and HID optical systems, and plants in Ohio and Ontario, King Luminaire is a North American leader in the outdoor lighting industry.  At The StressCrete Group, we provide every customer with the highest quality innovative products and work as a team to create and maintain life-long customers through world class service.

Company History

  • StressCrete Ltd., a utility pole manufacturer, is founded. The company manufactures static cast tapered square poles that are considered upgrades from standard wood.

  • Manufacturing of the original poles ceases and the company invests in spinning technology, which not only enables them to produce a round cross section, but also vastly improves the strength and durability of the product. This transition also enables the company to expand into the regional market, manufacturing product for Southern Ontario and the state of Michigan. The product line grows to include power distribution, sub-station structures, hi-mast, sports lighting and strain poles, as well as the original lighting poles.

  • StressCrete Ltd. purchases Barratt Spun Concrete Poles, a company with a more decorative line of lighting poles, primarily servicing the U.S. market. Recognizing the growth movement toward traditional and historic outdoor lighting, StressCrete Ltd. designs and purchases molds that enable them to supply this demand.

  • StressCrete Ltd. acquires ornamental luminaire manufacturer King Luminaire Co. Inc., based in Jefferson, Ohio, to complete their lighting package. This substantially increases the company's rate of growth, positioning the company as a full service industry leader.

  • StressCrete Inc.’s concrete pole manufacturing facility in Northport, Alabama begins operations.

  • King Luminaire Co. Inc. completes a 25,000 square foot expansion of its Jefferson, Ohio manufacturing facility; housing a state-of-the-art powder coating system.

  • StressCrete breaks ground on a concrete manufacturing plant in Atchison, Kansas, to be completed in fall, 2008.

  • StressCrete Inc.’s concrete pole manufacturing facility in Atchison, Kansas begins operations.

  • King Luminaire Co. Inc. completes a 10,000 square foot expansion of its Jefferson, Ohio manufacturing facility, including a highly advanced LED lab. This lab allows them to manufacture all LED components in-house, making them an industry leader in LED manufacturing for outdoor lighting.
    StressCrete purchases the equipment and other assets of Sky Cast Inc.

  • The StressCrete Group celebrates its 60th anniversary.

  • King Luminaire Co. Inc. adds a powder coating line to its Burlington, Ontario facility, allowing them to powder coat all of their poles and arms in-house.
    King Luminaire Co. Inc. adds a Gonio-photometer to its Jefferson, Ohio manufacturing facility, which enables in-house photometric testing, expanding their photometric database and R&D capability.

  • King Luminaire Co. Inc. adds a Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) system to the technical center at its Jefferson, Ohio facility. The HALT system allows King Luminaire Co. Inc. to analyze and improve the reliability of their product by subjecting product samples to extreme operational stress. The repeated application of these stresses (heat/cold, humidity, and vibration) enables King Luminaire Co. Inc. to analyze and improve the product design and manufacturing processes. This substantial investment helps them continue to produce the highest quality products in their industry.

  • King Luminaire Co. Inc. completes a 53,000 square foot expansion of its Jefferson, Ohio facility. This multi-million dollar investment offers a new state of the art Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) system and center, added space for continued product assembly, as well as an expansion of both their technology center and quality control area. This investment allows them to continue their path of new product development and obtain their growth objectives for years to come.